Thomson Impressions Condominium: A Haven in Sin Ming Avenue

Are you looking for a freshly furnished condominium situated at a prime location? Look no further! Your answer lies in Thomson Impressions Condominiums.Located in Sin Ming Avenue Singapore, Thomson Impression is a new launch development area that features cozy, breathtaking home units. Whether you are looking for a family house or a single individual unit, Thomson Impressions are coupled with a number of great condos guaranteed to create a perfect home setting.

Tasteful Features of the Thomson Impressions Singapore:

Worth Checking Out
The Thomson Impressions features classic, spacious condominiums designed to create a feel of luxury, elegance and coziness. Considering that space plays a huge role when buying a new home; Thomson Impressions developers did not hold back when it came to allocating spacious units. To top it up, the units are furnished with warm, modern appliances guaranteed to create that perfect home you’ve always wanted.
If you are big on open space, you will definitely love the Thomson Impressions. Characterized by lots of open space; Thomson Impressions feature recreational facilities like pools, children’s play ground, tennis court among many others.
Located in a professional community, the Thomson condos offer a quiet, calm serene. The green trees planted on the side walk complement the tranquil serenity of the Thomson, Sing Ming Avenue.

Why You Need to Own a Home at Thomson Impressions, Sing Ming Avenue
You do not have to worry about transportation as the development is located near an upcoming train station known a Bright Hill MRT; which is along the Thomson line. The year of completion of the railway line is estimated at 2020. The station is approximately 500 meters away from the Thomson Condominiums. How can one get there? You can use a bus service which is just two stops away from the development.
Are you a fan of shopping? Here is some good news for you. Near the Thomson development are various shopping malls which include the Balestier Plaza, Thomson Plaza and Junction 8. With so many shopping malls in on place, you can now shop till you drop. How can one forget to mention the numerous authentic restaurants that serve mouth watering dishes. In the long list of restaurants we have McDonald Fastfoods, New Ubin Seafood and Mellben Seafood.
If you are worried about finding a school for your young ones, don’t be. There are quite a number of school institutions that are nearby. If you are in search of a primary school you should opt for Mo Kio Primary School, Ai Tong School and Catholic High Primary School. The list of secondary schools includes; Catholic High Secondary School, St. Nicholas Secondary School and Mayflower Secondary School. Whichever school you decide to go for, your child is assured of excellent, quality education.

Final Verdict
Thomson Impressions: the one place you can always call home. Enjoy the beautiful serene of Thomson Impressions coupled with modern, luxurious amenities. A true haven in Sing Ming Avenue. What are you waiting for? Make your preview booking today.
If you looking for a house unit that fits into your budget, you can get more information by downloading the price list online. Don’t forget to have a look at the Thomson Impressions Gallery for a vivid description of this breathtaking development.!

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